Highways and Real Estate are considered as the arteries of a nation. Our growth and development is dependent upon them. K V Construction Co. has been an active partner in our country’s growth for the last 7 years and we will continue to do so with our rich experience.

Quality, integrity and honesty sets K V Construction Co. apart from other commercial construction companies. We understand the importance of Structures, Roads/Highways and Landscaping projects. We give our clients the personalized attention that every project requires. We look forward to working with them till the completion of the dream project.


  • Execute projects in a safe environment with constant quality assurance, cost control, and adherence to milestones as per customer specifications.

  • To become a prominent player in the infrastructure sector across all verticals

  • To increase our presence across India, with the goal of completing all project verticals on time.

  • To look for new prospects in previously untapped areas of importance.

  • To expand into new verticals and develop towards well-planned facilities across India.


Build K V Construction Company's position as a respected and prominent leader in the Construction and Infrastructure Domain and Local Expertise, backed by a continued focus on traits of sustainability and profitability, as well as employee engagement and pride, among all stakeholders.

To be leaders in innovation engineering, with unwavering integrity, on-time delivery, pride and ownership, and the highest quality standards, in order to strengthen the organization's position as a nation builder.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work or have a business proposal, we'd love to hear from you.